Ajrakh Introduction

  • The ajrakh, textile dominant hues of rich crimson and deep indigois a name derived from ‘azrak’, which means blue arabic and persian. This art has survived the passage of centuries. The making of ajrakh is lengthy and tedious and technical. Someone who is new to this art needs to give ample amount of time to learn it and excel in its precise details. Ajrakh printing is done with blocks which one of the earliest tools to print a design on a fabric but ajrakh due to its mastery in technique and development of design there and then is still considered as one of the most famous arts of our time. It ranks very high as a part of our tradition.
  • Perhaps ajrakh plays a very important role in today’s world where in villages it is used as a multifunctional part of apparel and in cities it is sued as a symbol of sindhi nationalism. We have tried to put in our maximum effort in making this book to what it is now.
  • When we first went for our research we didn’t know anything about this craft but now after having a close contact with the craftsmen, we realized ajrakh is not every
  • Ones cup of tea. It is a very tedious and time consuming task requires days of hard work and patience to master.
  • The knowledge and experience that we have gained from this craft is immense and will last for lifetime.
  • We profusely hope that our book answers all the questions about this craft that once could not be answered.