• Barmer is located at 25.75° n 71.38° e. It has an average elevation of 227 meters (744 feet). The total area of barmer district is 28387 km². The whole district lies between 24°58′ - 26°32′ n and 70°5′ – 72°52′. On its north is jaisalmer, on south is jalore, in east pali and jodhpur, 270 km in west is pakistan. It is 3727 ft (1,136 m) above sea level and 22 km in length.
  • The longest river in the district is luni. It is 480 km in length. For most of us who are from southern, northern or eastern part of india, river luni will seem to be a small inland drain. Luni drops into gulf of kutch passing through jalore

The variation in temperature in various seasons is quite high. In summers the temperature soars to 46 °c to 48 °c. In winters it drops to 5 °c (41 °f).

Primarily barmer district is a desert where average rainfall in a year is 277 mm. However, extreme rainfall of 549 mm rain between august 16 and august 25, 2006 left many dead and huge losses. As many as 20 new lakes formed, and 6 covered an area of over 10 km².

The name barmer is derived from the ruler bahada rao or bar roa who is said to have founded the town in the 13 century. Initially called bahada-mer it was later shortened to barmer. Being a barren wasteland, the people have learnt the hard way that they need to develop exceptional skills to survive.

Barmer is famous for its only asset-the dexterous and creative human skill, to create art. Once on the ancient camel trade route, the town is now the center for wood carving pottery, carpets, intricate embroidery work, block printed fabrics and multi-hued traditional costumes. Especially famous are the geometric ajrakh prints in dark shades of red and blue, ideal for protection against the sun.

To the immediate west of the city lie the remains of juna or juna barmer and to the south are the ruins of three jain temples.

The most interesting part of a trip to barmer is the journey through rural rajasthan.

The small villages with mud-walled houses decorated with delicate folk motifs and colorfully attired people on the way offer a fascinating sight.

The barren land with rough terrain and harsh climate is known for its rich crafts, dances and music.

Every year in march, the desert town is at its colorful best during the exuberant barmer festival. The festival is the best time to plan a visit to barmer.


There are several major festivals held in barmer, the most famous of which is a cattle fair held every year at tilwara village situated on the bank of luni river.

The fair goes on for a fortnight in the month of march and april.

The other major festival is the barmer thar festival of rajasthan, which was the creation of tourist office, started as a practice to enhance the tourism protection of this town.